AstroAI Paddle Board Pump – The Ultimate Inflation Solution

AstroAI Paddle Board Pump – The Ultimate Inflation Solution

AstroAI Paddle Board Pump – The Ultimate Inflation Solution

Fast Inflation & Deflation

The AstroAI Dual-Stage Air Pump is designed to provide fast and efficient inflation for your paddle board. With its innovative dual-stage technology, this pump is 40% faster than single-stage air pumps. It can inflate SUPs from 0 PSI to 15 PSI within just 10 minutes, saving you time and effort.

In inflation mode, the first stage of the pump can reach a maximum speed of up to 360 L/min, while the second stage can reach a maximum pressure of up to 80 L/min. This powerful performance ensures quick and hands-free inflation. Additionally, the pump features a fast deflation mode, allowing you to quickly pack up after use.

Metal Structure for Durability

The AstroAI Paddle Board Pump is built with a heat-resistant metal cylinder, providing better performance and durability compared to pumps with plastic motors. This metal structure allows the pump to continuously inflate 6 SUPs in a row without overheating.

To ensure the longevity of the pump, it is recommended to let it rest for 2 minutes after every 20 minutes of continuous use. This simple step will help extend its service life, allowing you to enjoy worry-free inflation for years to come.

Intuitive LED Screen

The AstroAI Paddle Board Pump features a 7.5-inch ultra-large LED screen that displays both the preset value and the current pressure value. This larger screen provides a clear and intuitive view of the inflation status, allowing you to monitor the progress with ease.

For added convenience, the pump is equipped with an automatic shut-off feature. Once the preset value is reached, the pump will automatically stop inflating, reducing the risk of overinflation. The power cut memory function ensures that the previously set value is restored after turning the pump back on. The LED screen also displays pressure readings in both PSI and Bar, catering to your preference.

Full-Set Nozzles for Versatility

The AstroAI Paddle Board Pump comes with a full set of 6 nozzles, making it compatible with a wide range of high-pressure inflatables. Whether you need to inflate SUPs, yoga balls, inflatable sofas, swimming rings, inflatable mattresses, or inflatable camping tents, these nozzles have got you covered.

The package includes a SUP air pump, a 12V cigarette lighter power cord, a battery clamp, an air hose, a storage bag, a replaceable fuse, and a user manual. With this comprehensive set of accessories, you’ll have everything you need for hassle-free inflation.

Thoughtful Design for Convenience

The AstroAI Paddle Board Pump is designed with your convenience in mind. It features a built-in storage compartment where you can neatly store the power cord, keeping it tangle-free and easily accessible.

The included accessory bag provides compact and convenient storage for all the pump’s components, ensuring that everything stays organized and within reach. Additionally, the pump offers versatile power options with its car cigarette lighter and battery clamp converters.

Furthermore, the built-in LED light serves as an emergency light, allowing you to operate the pump even in dark environments. This thoughtful design ensures that you can inflate your paddle board anytime, anywhere.