DJECO – Create with Hairdressing Stickers (DJ09045)

DJECO – Create with Hairdressing Stickers (DJ09045)

DJECO – Create with Hairdressing Stickers (DJ09045)

Are you ready to unleash your creativity and become a hairdressing master? Look no further than DJECO’s Create with Hairdressing Stickers (DJ09045)! This innovative product is designed to bring out the hairstylist in every child, allowing them to design and style their own hair using colorful stickers.

Unleash Your Creativity

With DJECO’s Create with Hairdressing Stickers, the possibilities are endless. Let your imagination run wild as you create unique hairstyles using the vibrant and eye-catching stickers. Whether you prefer a classic updo or a funky hairstyle, this product has got you covered.

Easy to Use

Creating stunning hairstyles has never been easier. Simply peel off the stickers and place them on the provided hair templates. Mix and match different stickers to create your own unique look. The stickers are easy to remove and reposition, allowing you to experiment with different styles until you find the perfect one.

Perfect for Parties and Playdates

DJECO’s Create with Hairdressing Stickers is the perfect activity for parties and playdates. Gather your friends and let them unleash their creativity as they design and style each other’s hair. This product is sure to provide hours of fun and laughter.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can the stickers be used on real hair?
  2. No, the stickers are designed to be used on the provided hair templates only. They are not suitable for use on real hair.

  3. Are the stickers reusable?
  4. Yes, the stickers can be easily removed and repositioned on the hair templates.

  5. Is this product suitable for children of all ages?
  6. This product is recommended for children aged 4 and above.


DJECO’s Create with Hairdressing Stickers (DJ09045) is a unique and innovative product that allows children to unleash their creativity and design their own hairstyles. With easy-to-use stickers and endless possibilities, this product is perfect for parties, playdates, and hours of fun. Get ready to become a hairdressing master!