Juniper Books The Hunger Games Book Set | 3-Volume Hardcover Book Set

Juniper Books The Hunger Games Book Set | 3-Volume Hardcover Book Set

Juniper Books The Hunger Games Book Set


Welcome to the world of Juniper Books’ The Hunger Games Book Set! This 3-volume hardcover book set is a must-have for fans of Suzanne Collins’ thrilling dystopian trilogy. With custom designed dust jackets and published by Scholastic, this set includes the iconic books Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and MockingJay.

Main Titles

Immerse Yourself in a Gripping Dystopian Adventure

Step into the captivating world of Panem, where survival is a game and rebellion is brewing. The Hunger Games Book Set takes you on a thrilling journey through the eyes of Katniss Everdeen, a young girl who becomes the symbol of hope for a nation.

Beautifully Designed Hardcover Books

Each book in this set features a stunning hardcover design that will enhance any bookshelf or collection. The custom designed dust jackets add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to these already beloved novels.

Published by Scholastic

Scholastic, a renowned publishing company, brings you this special edition of The Hunger Games trilogy. Known for their commitment to quality and engaging content, Scholastic ensures that you are getting the best reading experience possible.

Experience the Entire Trilogy

With this book set, you can dive into the complete Hunger Games trilogy. Follow Katniss as she navigates the deadly Hunger Games, faces the consequences of her actions in Catching Fire, and joins the rebellion in MockingJay. This set is perfect for both new readers and longtime fans.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these books suitable for young readers?

While The Hunger Games trilogy is classified as young adult fiction, it does contain mature themes and violence. Parents are encouraged to review the content and make an informed decision based on their child’s age and maturity level.

2. Can I purchase the books individually?

Yes, the books are available for individual purchase. However, this book set offers a convenient and cost-effective way to own the entire trilogy in a beautifully packaged collection.

3. Are the dust jackets removable?

Yes, the dust jackets can be easily removed, allowing you to appreciate the elegant hardcover design underneath.

4. Is this edition different from the original release?

This edition features custom designed dust jackets, but the content of the books remains the same as the original release. The stunning design adds a unique touch to the reading experience.

Don’t miss out on the Juniper Books The Hunger Games Book Set. Immerse yourself in the gripping dystopian world of Panem and follow Katniss Everdeen’s journey of survival and rebellion. Order your copy today!