REJS Waste Bin – 13 Litres Kitchen Swing Out and Open Lid (Grey)

REJS Waste Bin – 13 Litres Kitchen Swing Out and Open Lid (Grey)

REJS Waste Bin – 13 Litres Kitchen Swing Out and Open Lid (Grey)


The REJS Waste Bin is a convenient and efficient solution for your kitchen waste disposal needs. With its 13-litre capacity, swing-out design, and open lid, this waste bin offers a hassle-free experience. It is side mounted into a minimum 400mm wide cabinet, making it a space-saving option for any kitchen.

Main Features

Automatic Lid Opening

Thanks to its unique design, the REJS Waste Bin automatically opens its lid as the cabinet door is opened. This feature eliminates the need to touch the bin, ensuring a hygienic waste disposal process.

Integrated Handle

The internal container of the waste bin comes with an integrated handle, making it easy to remove and empty. This convenient feature saves you time and effort when it comes to maintaining cleanliness in your kitchen.

13-Litre Capacity

With a generous 13-litre capacity, the REJS Waste Bin provides ample space for your kitchen waste. Whether it’s food scraps, packaging, or other household waste, this bin can handle it all.

Stylish Grey Color

The waste bin is available in a sleek grey color that complements any kitchen decor. Its modern and minimalist design adds a touch of elegance to your space.

Designed for Minimum 400mm Cabinets

The REJS Waste Bin is specifically designed to fit into minimum 400mm wide cabinets. This ensures a seamless integration into your kitchen layout, maximizing the use of available space.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the waste bin be installed in cabinets narrower than 400mm?

No, the REJS Waste Bin is designed to be side mounted into a minimum 400mm wide cabinet. Installing it in narrower cabinets may affect its functionality and stability.

2. Is the waste bin easy to clean?

Yes, the waste bin is easy to clean. The removable internal container and integrated handle make it convenient to empty and wash. Simply remove the container, clean it, and place it back into the bin.

3. Can the lid be locked in the closed position?

No, the lid of the waste bin is designed to open automatically when the cabinet door is opened. It does not have a locking mechanism to keep it closed.

4. Does the waste bin come with a warranty?

Yes, the REJS Waste Bin comes with a standard warranty. Please refer to the product documentation or contact our customer support for more information.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of the REJS Waste Bin in your kitchen. Its automatic lid opening, integrated handle, and 13-litre capacity make waste disposal a breeze. Choose the stylish grey color that suits your kitchen decor and enjoy a clutter-free space. Get your REJS Waste Bin today!