YIPOCH Hot Water Bottle – Keep Warm and Cozy

YIPOCH Hot Water Bottle – Keep Warm and Cozy

YIPOCH Hot Water Bottle – Keep Warm and Cozy


Stay warm and cozy with the YIPOCH Hot Water Bottle. This innovative hand charging hot water bag is designed to provide soothing warmth to your belly and hands. Whether you’re looking to relieve menstrual cramps, soothe aches and pains, or simply keep warm during chilly nights, this hot water bottle is the perfect companion.

Main Features

  • Hand charging design for convenience
  • Baotong plush material for a soft and comfortable feel
  • Removable and washable cover for easy maintenance
  • Perfect for keeping your baby warm and cozy
  • Available in a stylish pink color

Stay Warm Anywhere, Anytime

With the YIPOCH Hot Water Bottle, you can enjoy warmth and comfort wherever you go. Its hand charging design allows you to easily fill it with hot water, eliminating the need for a kettle or microwave. Simply press the button to release the warmth and feel the cozy sensation on your belly or hands.

Baotong Plush Material

The YIPOCH Hot Water Bottle is made from high-quality baotong plush material, ensuring a soft and comfortable touch. The plush cover adds an extra layer of insulation, keeping the warmth inside for longer periods. It’s like having a warm hug whenever you need it.

Easy to Clean

Keeping your YIPOCH Hot Water Bottle clean is a breeze. The removable and washable cover allows you to easily clean any spills or dirt. Simply remove the cover, wash it, and put it back on. It’s that simple!

Perfect for Your Baby

Not only is the YIPOCH Hot Water Bottle great for adults, but it’s also perfect for keeping your baby warm and cozy. Whether it’s during bedtime or when they need some extra comfort, this hot water bottle provides gentle warmth that will help them relax and sleep better.

Experience the warmth and comfort of the YIPOCH Hot Water Bottle. Get yours today and stay cozy all winter long!